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We believe that your life has a purpose and we are looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference in that story.


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Each of us needs someone who has our back, we would be honored to join hands with you for your freedom and healing.

A Dedicated Team
Our team is here to help! Our credentialed, multi-disciplinary and seasoned professionals are committed to helping you heal and obtain long-term sobriety.
Continuum of Care
At The Genesis Center (TGC), we believe it is important to treat the person as a whole. It is our mission to treat the cause of addictions - not just the symptoms. Treatment is only successful for as long as the person maintains sobriety.
Affordable & Effective Treatment
We understand the cost of treatment can be daunting. TGC works with each person to eliminate this hurdle and provide the help you need. CALL US TODAY!

Welcome to The Genesis Center

Our mission is to be a place of hope, healing, and support for the hurting in our community. At TGC, we guarantee our team of highly talented counselors will work with you to create a unique, individualized path to recovery. Our team cares about you as an individual and works hard to help you heal from the traumas of life. When you choose TGC for rehabilitation, you will find more than just treatment; you will find family, friendship and support to help you reach your recovery goals. We will remain committed to your recovery throughout treatment and beyond.

Professional Counseling

Our multi-credentialed, confidential and successful team is here to help you.

30+ Years of Experience

Our team has personal life experience in trauma and in helping people through theirs.

Daily Assessments: Consistent Progress Evaluations

It is important to know your documented progress and how you need to adjust your path in order to reach your goals.

Emergency Help

Connect with us anytime through our emergency hotline and we will help you determine a program that is right for you.

Services Offered

We can help!

Each of our services work together to provide a holistic approach to recovery. The combination of our programs, in conjunction with our therapy options, provides successful and long-term recovery.

Art Therapy

Art and creativity therapies help to create wellness, positive brain changes and improve quality of life. This treatment is influential in helping you on your path to recovery. 

Peer Support

People who have experienced similar life-challenges can support and assist you on your own path to recovery. Recovery was possible for them and it is possible for you.

Nutrition and Wellness

Food plays a big role in our mental health because a strong connection between both our minds and our digestion exists. Many symptoms can be helped with proper nutrition.

Case Management

While in treatment, many concerns about life still exist outside of treatment. Our Case Managers are here to assist in removing any obstacles on your path to recovery and aid you with certain needs during treatment.

Individual Therapy

We offer a confidential and safe space to process your thoughts and emotions. This service allows clients to have personal and tailored conversations to help them work through their issues on their road to recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Many people have had great success in their recovery with access to Vivitrol during treatment. It has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life for those that have a need.

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Once we hear from you and get some information, we put together a personalized plan to help you take your next steps towards freedom and healing.

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